Top 7 CBSE Schools of Your Choice in Delhi NCR

Education is must for all of us and it is not only about getting good marks, college and good job. Getting good education defines the social behavior of the students in everyday life. To gain proper education, it is important to choose the right institute that can offer you best education and help in your skills-development. Various factors like the infrastructure, teaching standards, safety standards, fees, curriculum etc. need to be verified before deciding on a school. There are umpteen CBSE schools in Delhi NCR, so it become really tough for the parents to find the best one. And, to make the choice easier here is a short list of the best schools in the city that you can consider for the admission of your child:

1. Lotus Valley International School: This is one of the top-rated CBSE schools in the NCR which is noted for its outstanding infrastructure and best learning environment. The school is also ranked higher for its safety and hygiene standards. This is an international school affiliated to CBSE that leads to the overall development of the students and provides them the world-class education.

2. SCJ World Academy: This is a reputed CBSE affiliated school across Delhi NCR which is renowned for its world-class education. The school focuses on the overall development and growth of the students to turn them into the socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. This is one of the best CBSE schools in Delhi NCR ranking at the top position nationwide for its residential facilities also.

3. Angels Public School: This is the best and top ranked CBSE schools in the city offering multiple facilities to the students. A unique learning environment is provided that helps in the complete growth of the students and makes them socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. Extra-curricular activities are also conducted from time to time along with some educational trips. All the modern amenities are available for the students for the holistic development.

4. The Shri Ram School: It is top-ranked among the best schools across India that provides inclusive education for all the students. The faculty at the school offers the best education to the students and helps candidates understand the concepts via their experiences. Good infrastructure facilities are provided to the students and focus is laid on the extra-curricular activities too.

5. Vasant Valley School: This is a co-educational private CBSE school in Delhi NCR that always adds something unique and new to help the students reach at new heights. The school is reputed as the best for its world-class infrastructure and best learning facilities.

6. Springdales School: Affiliated to CBSE, this is one of the commended schools across NCR for its best-quality education and learning facilities. Recognized as the best school, the institute has the world-class faculty and best facilities for the students to make them socially responsible. Students have to participate in multiple activities to grab the best education and multiple skills.

7. Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj: DPS Vasant Kunj offers the best academics, from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The school offers the best curriculum that helps students to learn in deep via great focus on extra-curricular activities and skill development programs. The school is considered among the top-rated CBSE schools in Delhi for its world-class infrastructure, teaching pedagogy and exceptional curriculum with a focus on overall growth of the students.

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