Magento Vs Shopify: Best for Ecommerce Web Development

Today, the trend of shopping gets boost with the latest invention of Online Shopping where customers need not required to take the headache of traditional shopping like wondering at different shops, carrying heavy bags, carrying cash, and more. Now, shopping becomes online where you have to sit just in front of the computer or laptop. After that, just on few simple clicks of your mouse and products is yours. Shopping is now fun that rejuvenate our life by making it easier.

Online shopping boosts the ecommerce business and gives people opportunity to build their own Online Store. To build online store, we have several ecommerce platforms most popular are Shopify and Magento. Selecting the most powerful ecommerce platform which can effectively and efficiently creating, managing, and controlling our online store is the most crucial task as it is the main factor in which the success or failure of our business is depended.

Today the most popular ecommerce platforms which are responsible for creating highly functional online store are Shopify and Magento. Both the platforms are providing the latest techniques to create, manage, and control our online store such as effective cart management, inventory management, almost supported by all payment gateways, Multilanguage support, SEO capabilities, and more. After this, Shopify and Magento have huge fundamental difference in their functionality and usage.


Major difference between Shopify and Magento

  • Magento is freely available open source software whereas Shopify is a commercial a paid product. Thus, to avail Shopify services, users have to pay a fixed amount.
  • Shopify provides hosting facility to its users. This means that if we avail Shopify services then they hosted our online store. On the other hand, in case of Magento which is freely available, we have to use our own hosting and also install, setup as well as configure everything before creating our own online store.
  • Shopify’s users don’t require any technically skills to handle Shopify where as Magento’s users required extra technical skills to handle our own online store as we have to setup everything before the store creation like arrange hosting, configure other elements of a store and much more.

Now, keeping the above major difference in our mind, let’s compare Shopify and Magento the two most popular ecommerce platform.

Shopify Vs Magento

Here, we are going to discuss the list of features offered by bot ecommerce platforms in comparative environment:

Basic functionality of an online store: Both platforms offer highly powerful functionality of online store to effectively manage, organize, and control it. But Shopify is little more flexible as compared to Magento.

Inventory Management: Using Magento, we can add a virtually unlimited number of products in a store but the hosting server performance and website loading speed get hampered. On the other hand, Shopify restricts to add limited products in their starter plan but offers highly managed hosted solution with fast loading speed.

Shipping charges calculation: Both ecommerce platforms offer highly effective and powerful way to calculate accurate shipping charges.

Payment gateway collaboration: As compare to Shopify, Magento offers collaboration with slightly less number of payment gateways.

Themes and Templates: Both ecommerce platforms offer large number of themes and templates which give unique and modern look and feel to our online store. Shopify offers slightly less number of themes but all themes are inspired by latest trend and moderatel­­­y.

Apps and Add-ons: As compare to Shopify, Magento offers large number of Apps and Add-ons support to our online store which expands the reach of our store as per functionality.

Multi-lingual Support: Shopify doesn’t provide the multi languages support for online store whereas Magento offers the multi languages to handle the store.

Blogging functionality: Shopify offers as an integrated feature which enables easy blogging. In case of Magento, for blogging there are plug-in.

SEO capabilities: Both ecommerce platforms offer powerful SEO support to their users by adding quality content which is rich of quality keywords, attractive website designs, effective placement of website elements, and more.

Powerful Customization: Both platforms allow powerful customization where one can easily organized and managed their own online store.

Costs: Shopify is paid source whereas Magento is freely available for creating our online store.

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amit Kumar
January 23, 2017 9:51 am

magento is better than shopify. i am also a developer i am used to of magento right now.. it’s themes are better than wordpress.