List of SEO ON Page Techniques: White Hat SEO onpage Activities

SEO is a process to improve the website position in the search engine result page. It is divided into two main parts such as SEO ON-Page and SEO Off-Page. A number of webmasters are searching a list of SEO On-Page techniques. There are a number of websites which are published SEO On-Page Techniques list, but I am going to be sharing a list of full SEO ON-page techniques. This list is totally different from other website. I have divided SEO ON-Page techniques into five main steps and also multiple sub-titles. You can check below list of SEO ON-Page Techniques:

Tag Optimization

  1. Title Tag Optimization:Title is most important part of SEO On-page. According to my opinion, approx 80% keyword ranking report depends on the Title tag. You should write proper Title tag with keyword rich without title tag it is not possible to rank in search engine result page.title tag
  2. Meta Tag Optimization:Meta description is another most important tag for SEO On Page. You can say that Meta description is short summery of web pages. You should write the Meta description proper with keyword rich. There are no of tags includes in the Meta tag such as Meta keywords and many more.meta tag
  3. Canonical Tag Optimization:Canonical Tag is very important tag which is resolve the canonicalization issue from website. I am going to share the canonical tag below. You should use canonical tag in your website every web page to resolve the cannibalization issue from website.canonical
  4. Robots tag Optimization:Robots tag is important tag which is use for control the search engine bot. Robot tag provide the instruction search engine bot to index and cache web pages.
  5. Pagination tag Optimization:Pagination tag is another important tag to say search engine bot, allow indexing another two web pages.
  6. Location tag Optimization
  7. Language Tag Optimization
  8. Author tag Optimization
  9. Copyright tag Optimization
  10. GEO tag Optimization
  11. Heading Tag Optimization
  12. Content Tag Optimization
  13. Alt Tag Optimization
  14. Video tag Optimization
  15. Flash tag Optimization
  16. Audio tag Optimization

Website Analysis

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Website structure analysis
  3. Content Analysis
  4. Keyword density analysis
  5. Keyword proximity analysis
  6. Keyword prominent analysis
  7. Back link analysis
  8. Competitor analysis
  9. W3C validation Analysis

Installing Tool

  1. Install Google Analytics
  2. Install Google search console
  3. Install Bing webmaster
  4. Install Schema code

File Optimization

  1. CSS file Optimization
  2. JS file Optimization
  3. Image file Optimization
  4. Video File Optimization
  5. xml Sitemap optimization
  6. Robot txt optimization
  7. .htaccess file optimization
  8. html Sitemap optimization

External Optimization

  1. Check device responsive website
  2. SSL optimization
  3. Text/HTML ratio
  4. Internal link optimization
  5. 404 error optimization
  6. Resolve www redirection
  7. IP Canonicalization
  8. Loading time optimization
  9. Favicon Optimization
  10. HTML Page size optimization
  11. Social integration
  12. Link optimization
  13. Footer and Header Optimization

If you have any another techniques accepted mention above list please add by comment. You should contribute your knowledge in this page for new webmaster.

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