Importance and Benefits of Strategic Marketing Program

In today’s highly competitive business scenario, businesses need to be strategic. Organizations use strategic marketing tactics to create a better plan to reach their targeted customers while increasing their productivity and profitability. If you wish to make a successful career in this sector, pursuing a strategic marketing course from the best business school in India is the right option.  The course focuses on the consumer’s decision-making process by analyzing how consumers make the decisions of buying a product.

Why strategic marketing program is so important?

Strategic marketing program is one of the best marketing courses that explores the core tools and concepts of contemporary strategic marketing management – ranging from product positioning and marketing segmentation to buying behavior and consumer needs to social media and digital marketing. The aim of the program is to develop understanding and knowledge of the marketing functions of a company, how they interconnect with other key functions and their impact on the evolution of business strategy. There are several top strategic marketing institutes in India offering quality strategic marketing education to their candidates and thus, helping to create the marketers and leaders of tomorrow.

What the aspirants will learn during the course?

The program enables one to learn about the latest marketing concepts and tools including the important components of strategic marketing planning and how to evaluate, implement and develop successful marketing strategies. Using the expertise of the top-notch leaders in various areas, plus a mixture of case studies, seminars, group discussions and practical exercises, this program provides innovative and fresh ways to implement and define marketing strategies in an organization. The candidates learn frameworks for enhancing customer intimacy and analyzing customer preferences to get exposure to top-notch companies and also gain in-depth knowledge of the competitive marketing dynamics.

Who should attend this program?

The strategic marketing program is designed for a wide array of managers both with and without experience in the marketing functions, including entrepreneurs, marketing managers and general managers. The course is also particularly appropriate for directors, vice presidents and managers in finance, operations and marketing who are looking to make a powerful contribution to the value creation process.

What are the outcomes of the course?

Strategic marketing program integrates the brand, digital and business marketing strategies and build an action plan to drive innovation to a company. It focuses on how to create competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value. Upon successful completion of this program, candidates will be able to:

  • Integrate marketing theory, prior learning and prior practice into the strategic marketing environment.
  • Communicate efficiently about marketing strategies by using appropriate concepts, and theoretical and logical conventions.
  • Engage in strategic thinking including setting goals, projecting future outcomes and reflecting on the implementation process to achieve those goals.
  • Build growth strategy including marketing development, market penetration, new product diversification and development.
  • Use strategic analysis tools and apply them to generate insights like the TOWS analysis and BCG portfolio matrices.

Critically assess a strategic marketing plan and write marketing strategy statement.

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