Top 20+ List of Gray Hat SEO Techniques: You should avoid theme

Gray Hat is another technique which is used in malicious and hacking process. Basically webmasters are familiars with White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques. Some of the webmasters know about the Gray hat techniques, how to use these techniques in SEO methods and how to avoid these methods. According to my opinion, every webmaster should know about the gray hat techniques. There are three concepts to promote your business in Google search engine first is white hat techniques for a long time, back hat techniques for some time and another is gray hat techniques which are used for short of time. In other word you can easily understand what I am saying

white hat exploit it only with permission and black hat will illegally exploit and tell others how to do so. Gray hat will neither illegally exploit it, nor tell others how to do so.

Gray hat SEO techniques

  1. Free Stuff!
  2. Content repositioning
  3. Change website design some interval of time
  4. Highlight Links in content
  5. Misguide Users
  6. 302 temporary Redirection
  7. Automatic content creating
  8. Cloaking
  9. Hijack website
  10. Malicious attack
  11. Pay for reviews
  12. Link chaining
  13.  Write negative reviews
  14. Spun Content
  15. Hide non relevant content
  16. Use Keyword Association Manipulation
  17. Use Negative SEO
  18. Charity links.
  19. Fabricate news
  20. SEO Squatting

I have to share the multiple techniques of SEO such as on page Techniques, off page techniques with black hat and white hat and now gray hat. If you have any question related SEO techniques you can ask by the comment. I will sure to answer your question.

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February 3, 2016 12:36 am

Great article and great site. The amount of info here is overwhelming. Where does one start? Is there a mind map or similar to help walk through this process of utilization with all these tools?