Get admission in a chemical engineering college to realize your dream

Chemical engineering colleges are in great demand these days because of increasing requirements of chemical engineers in various industries. These colleges provide excellent learning facilities to the students.

Want to become a successful chemical engineer? If your reply is yes, then you must join best chemical engineering college right now. Chemical engineering is a discipline which is based on technological innovations in the field of chemistry. Chemical engineers design and conceive processes to transport, convert, transform and produce materials – starting with experimentation in the lab followed by the use of technology in the process of production.

What is chemical engineering?
Top chemical engineering colleges provide extensive knowledge and skills to the students about this field. Chemical Engineers deal with the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical procedures for changing chemicals or raw materials into valuable forms. The field needs deep knowledge of Engineering and Chemistry for the production of chemicals. This engineering branch covers varied areas, ranging from nanotechnology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and mineral processing to petroleum refining plants and synthetic fibres, etc.

DR. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & Research, Pune is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and recognized by AICTE. A large number of students apply in this college every year to study the latest development in chemical engineering. The college is well-known for its education system and best infrastructure. It provides fully air conditioned classrooms and wi-fi campus to the students. A large number of renowned companies come here every year to select best candidates. So students can come and take admission in this college to realize their dream of becoming a chemical engineer.

Chemical engineer has to work on the below activities

• Development and design of chemical equipment and processes
• Pollution control, monitoring pollution and environmental management
• Plant management and operation
• Control and optimization of industrial operations

Fields of chemical engineering
A chemical engineer has to use skills in maths and science to work in various different sectors. These include working on:

Chemical processes – Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, glass, caustic soda and specialty chemicals.
Bio-processes – Drink and food industries and pharmaceuticals.
Minerals – Minerals like aluminium/alumina, gold, copper, steel and lead.
Combustion – Huge industrial furnaces like those used for power generation from gas or coal and for the manufacturing of steel, and extracting energy from waste.
Delivery of project – Transforming the process plant design into a safe, efficient operating plant.
Petrochemicals – Changing gas and oil, synthetic rubber, plastics and other things.
Petroleum – Manufacturing LPG, gas and oil from offshore and onshore fields.
Process control – Systems and instrumentation that make a production procedure run efficiently, safely and smoothly.
Environmental – Water and waste treatment, recycling and environmental regulations. Reusing and recovering important stuffs instead of dumping them.

Industries where chemical engineers are in high demand are:

• Consultancy
• Chemicals
• Materials
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biotechnology
• Process Plants & Equipment
• Oil and Gas
• Food & Drink
• Water
• Energy

So, enroll yourself in DR. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & Research, Pune to give a flying start to your career.

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