Expert Tips For Choosing Your Web Hosting

The development of the web has always accelerated enormously since its inception, especially the last 15 years. At present, almost everyone lives their life through the internet, for their various purchases, for any distraction and of course, for their communication.

This great spread makes website creation the perfect way to become known. Who says website necessarily says web hosting, something that seems to be put in the background while a bad choice of web host could not only compromise the holding of the site but also the smooth running of your business. Faced with this, we believe it is time to inform people more informally; here are expert tips for choosing your web hosting.

Choose accommodation based on your needs

We recall the common fault of any site lover wishing to host his site somewhere is the random choice without a very specific reason. This inaccuracy is fatal in the sense that we will have a completely dysfunctional website. It will be useless if the resources are not sufficient because we have chosen a type of low-resource hosting and conversely, we would waste our money, we would waste the resources available to us if the site requires only minimal performance.

In concrete terms, then take stock of:

  • The storage space you will need,
  • Various performances and accessibilities,
  • The nature of your site: static or dynamic,
  • The objectives of your website: A commercial purpose, streaming, personal blog, etc.

Choose accommodation according to the appropriate type

The parallel step with the precise definition of your needs as explained above is the documentation on the types of web hosting.

In short, you can opt for shared hosting in case your website requires average performance. In other words, you will have a certain amount of storage space, a certain accessibility and degree of management of your data, and all this at a variable but affordable prices. It is good to know that the server in which your files will be stored will contain other websites, the quality of services may vary from one provider to another.

The offer considered superior is the private accommodation which, it must be admitted, offers quite exceptional services, with, however, more expensive accommodation prices

Find out about potential hosts

This is a handy tip to supplement our tips. Indeed, it would be appropriate to directly compare which web hosting company is more reliable and which offers a particular service.

We offer you, for example, Treesbiz which is very popular for its complete services that is shared hosting and for dedicated hosting andLinux VPS Cloud Hosting. Other hosts even more famous and more successful are known as 1 & 1 and especially OVH.

Refer to the quality of service of the different providers

  • If in the previous part, we could develop a small list of potential hosts, consistent with our projects, this is to find what is the best. As an example, if you want to have a web host with a flawless serviceO2switch is very famous and reliable.
  • Following your investigations, by Internet, by your friends, by professionals, youwill have a very well-founded idea on the provider by which you will put your site on line.

Evaluate the price of the web host

First, the cost of web hosting, according to our global vision, is not very expensive. On the other hand, a true professional leaves no negligence in his expenses and for information, one sees as many sites to be created every day as to die out. Why? Money is for something. I t must pay the appropriate price for insured and safe services. On the other hand, be aware that there is free accommodation. It is then necessary to weigh all the points related to it to choose its web hosting.

The criteria of choice and quality

Availability and technical assistance

A website often unavailable, this can have negative consequences for your company: bad image, a decline of activity if it is an e-shop, bad SEO, messaging unavailable, etc. Better than is efficient and fast technical support, because hosting is never 100% reliable.

To be sure of having quality assistance, check that the host guarantees a time of intervention (GTI) and a recovery time (GTR), with penalties for breach of these commitments. Do not ignore the terms of sale (GTC), especially to check these conditions of assistance.


  • Regular and complete backups of your website, to prevent any loss of content.
  • Encryption of data to mitigate external attacks.
  • Safe server hosting room equipped with Uninterruptable Power System, air conditioners and a generator, to provide a power supply in case of power failure, so that your site does not experience any break.

Updates and scalability

Make sure that you have the possibility to update your site, thanks to an intuitive configuration interface, so you do not have to call the host at each modification.

Make sure that your hosting provider’s service can evolve and grow along with your company’s website.

Optional services

  • Attendance statistics for your professional website.
  • Antispam / antivirus.
  • Complementary communication tools: forum, blog, chat, contact form for databases.
  • Streaming audio/video.
  • Mailing lists to send newsletters.
  • FTP access (File Transfer Protocol). It is a file transfer protocol over the Internet that allows the exchange of large files between two machines, servers, etc., in order to mitigate the weight restriction for attachments sent by email

In summary, if you choose this by having established an inventory of your needs, by also informing you about the types of accommodation and the appropriate providers, it will be easy for you to make your choice. Finally, remember to properly assess the price, essential parameter playing in your favor or not as service quality service provider.

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