Everything you Need to Know for Admission in Top Boarding Schools in Pune

Residential school gives the child a wider platform with various advantages that pay off in the long term. The vast number of activities, programs, etc. available to the students on a daily basis gives them huge opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

The most important aspect inculcated by a boarding school in its student is self-reliance and independence. The child learns to accept their failures and successes. They learn to take self-initiatives and manage their own affairs. Living with students of diverse backgrounds in the school, the child learns about various cultures and develop a wide range of inter-personal skills. The schools have huge playgrounds where students can play and enjoy a variety of sporting activities.

Pune is a highly recognised educational centre of India that attracts students from all over the country due to the excellent teaching facilities available there that one can avail at affordable price. It is home to some of the best boarding schools of the country. Some of the top boarding schools in Pune that you can consider for admission of your child are:

• Indus International School
• Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School
• Symbiosis International School
• The Bishop’s School
Shivneri School and Jr. College
• BK Birla Centre of Education
• Riverdale International School

These schools are offer practical and on-field experience to the students and are highly reputed for their top of the line academic experience. The boarding schools in Pune provide a holistic education for personality development of the students.The schools offer weekday boarding and full-time medical facilities to the parents. Now, we will move our discussion to admission process of these schools.

The admission process of the best boarding schools in Pune consists of these steps:

o Admission process generally starts in December month of each year.
o Admissions are granted on first come first served basis.
o A large number of school’s welcome parents on the campus and give them a tour around, so that they can get a feel of what the campus life is like. Parents need to take a prior appointment before visiting the campus.
o Parents may then purchase the prospectus and begin with the registration process.
o Applications are accepted online through forms available on the official website of the schools. Parents can log in on the school website and get complete information on the documents required by the institute.
o Schools require a written undertaking from the parents that their wards will abide by the rules and regulations of the School.
o Once the application has been accepted by the school, they might conduct interview sessions and written exams. The tests are conducted to ensure the child’s growth and are not very competitive. Some schools rely on the academic performance of the students in the previous years as a criterion for admission in their school.
o All the necessary documents such as transfer Certificate from previous school, birth certificate, etc. are to be submitted by the parents of the students granted admission.
o Admission is only confirmed after payment of the fees.

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