Why To Choose Cambridge School Dehradun for Your Child?

Being a parent, providing best education to your child  is your first responsibility. Cambridge School Dehradun can be the right choice for you as it offers excellent education to the students.

Knowledge is Power.  High-quality education is in higih demand among the students. That is why today’s parents wish to send their children in a top most school. A large number of parents are sending their children to Dehradun for the best learning experience. Leaners get a good education when they go to the best schools in Dehradun in Uttrakhand. Students receive various modern amenities in the prestigious schools. Being a parent if you  want to know the top school of this place, then the answer is Col. Brown Cambridge School Dehradun (CBS).

Why Dehradun Is Popular for Schools?

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun has a rich history of having the top colleges and schools of the country. The place is also known as the “School Capital of India.” There are many top schools here with world-class residential facilities, modern way of teaching and brilliant teaching faculty.

During the last decade, Dehradun has evolved as a hub for pioneer schools. If any learner wants to pursue their schooling from this place, the choices are galore in this capital city of Uttarakhand. Col. Brown Cambridge School Dehradun (CBS) is a very popular school as it has well-qualified teaching staff, lush green environment, sports facilities, huge library and a big playground. It is recognized by CBSE.

Brief About CBS

This school for boys was established in March 1926, by Col. Brown and Mrs. Brown. It is an English medium boarding school and is open to all boys irrespective of social status, creed or caste. It ranks high among the top education schools in India. The school attracts parents not only from India, but also from abroad. Colonel William Brown got retired from Army, but did not want to leave India.  Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown were childless, but they loved children too much. After the retirement, Colonel decided to devote his full life to education. His colleagues and British gentlemen motivated him to promote education in India. Then he decided to start a residential school in Dehradun.

Why Cambridge School Dehradun is So Popular?

The residential school believes that good education is necessary for learning, learing good habits and manners, values, skills and knowledge. The educational procedure consists of research, training, teaching, learning, discussion and storytelling. The school teaches the students that good education is totally different to just having access to information about anything. The teaching staff of this school is highly qualified and experienced and they also stay in the school campus.

Following facilies are offered by the school:

  • All rooms are equipped with 24 hours electric lights.
  • 24 x7 water supply
  • Backup facility
  • Huge dinning hall
  • Big assembly hall
  • A library with over thousands of books on all subjects
  • Both types of food – vegetarian and non vegetarian are available
  • Well-balanced diet everyday
  • Recreation room
  • CCTV camera in the campus
  • 24 hour high security

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