Top 25+ Black Hat SEO Techniques List: You Should Avoid

SEO works are divided into two important parts such as Black hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Now I am going to share about black hat SEO techniques. There are multiple techniques which are used for black hat SEO for website promotion. Black Hat SEO techniques are a very strong method to promote a website for short of time. There are a number of webmasters are using these techniques for promotion their website in a search engine result page. In the other and this is the shortest way to achieve results. One thing is fact, this is not a permanent solution of your website ranking. You should avoid these techniques from your website. I am going to share black hat SEO techniques for avoid that techniques for better result. you should check the White hat SEO techniques and off page techniques.

Top 25+ Black hate Techniques

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Hidden Text
  3. Hidden Link
  4. Buy link
  5. Selling link
  6. Over optimization internal linking
  7. IP delivery
  8. Cloaking
  9. Automatic content generated
  10. Misspellings
  11. Scraping
  12. Ad only pages
  13. Thin Content
  14. Duplicate Content
  15. Domain grabbing
  16. Slander link bait
  17. Hacking sites
  18. Google Bowling
  19. Doorway page
  20. Deceptive headlines
  21. Hidden affiliate links
  22. Article spinning
  23. Spammy footer linking
  24. Link baiting
  25. Comment spamming

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