Best Gameboy Emulator for Android

It is an amazing handheld console. There are plenty of many video games to use. You will find some amazing games to play of different genre.

We all want a good Gameboy emulator for androids. After testing a couple of Game Advance Emulator for android I was able to make a decision about the best Gameboy Emulator. I am not going to discuss how we can get the Gameboy Advance games for Android. But I hope you can find some best GBA emulator games on your own.  All of the GBA Emulators are very good to use.

Android owners take a great interest in playing their old favorite games.

Earlier there was no shear power to emulate some classic games on Android devices. But the era is changed now. You can emulate the consoles like GameCube today.

There are many GBA emulators for the Android Community.  I will list some best GBA emulators that I have been testing on some high Android device versions and I personally did not get any problem all of them just worked fine. I should also elaborate that what makes a good GBA Emulator.

5 Best GBA Emulators for Android

What makes a GBA Emulator a great emulator? I will give priority to emulation accuracy as well as that also have some handy extra features. The most famous features are full gamepad support and save state management. You should have the authority when should you play, pick up and put away any GBA emulator any time you want.

The reason of this Article is to list the best GBA emulators for Android that you can download any time.

Here is the list stated.


My first pick for best GBAs is GBA.emu. They have also developed a version for Game Boy color too. But my work here is to tell you just about the GBA emulators.  The emulator was available free before but now it may cost you.

There is also a lot of features in this GBA emulator for android users. Maybe I should list some of the best features that made it on the list.

Features of GBA.emu

The emulator contains many features. This GBA emulator allows the user to use hardware controls. This GBA also supports quick save features and you can also use cheat codes. There is plenty of great features but one negative thing I find is this is not available for free users. You have to pay to experience these amazing features. This great GBA is available on Google Play Store.

John GBA

This might be a strange name for an emulator for you. But we had made the list based on features not on names sorry. The goal of this GBA emulator is to make the experience as authentic as possible for users. They use the original GBA engine that was used in the games by the console. And hence meet their aim.

They try to make the people feel the real as possible. It makes an authentic experience. Users are going to use their phones to play the games.

Features of John GBA

John GBA uses the genuine original GBA engine that provides a real better experience. This GBA emulator allows on-screen controls. You can change the speed of the game as you can slow down or fast the speed of the game if you want.  The GBA is developed under a simple idea but the idea worked very fine correctly.

It has two versions one for free users and the other one for premium users. While free version also does not display any kind of advertisement. But the paid version Is inexpensive. You can go for a free version. you can also cloud backup via Dropbox. This also works offline completely.

This may be difficult to use for the new users.

My Boy GBA

The other great GBA emulator is My Boy. The emulators have some excellent features.  These are like my boy supports the link cable better than on Wi-Fi or on Bluetooth.

This emulator was developed so that user might get the most of the controls.

The idea was successful later. The user has the authority on many controls and ability to control. There are some of the features that made me list this here.

Features of My Boy

This emulator provides you hardware control. GBA emulator is also compatible with many phones. You can also cheat codes. This was a big breakthrough in many ways. This provides you with the link cable emulation support with a very good speed. This emulator uses the hardware of your phone. This provides the smoother experience for games.

There are many features to discuss. You can save the game anytime you want. It uses phones hardware acceleration. You can get this amazing GBA emulator from the official site of My Boy.


This is just a poster child in the world of emulation. Because this is not an emulator exactly. You can say this is the unified application that you can use to connect with other emulators.

The emulators are showed as Cores. There are many cores you can say RetroArch cores from each. You can emulate anyone of them. VBA-M and mGBA are two good options to choose.

Deimos GBA emulator

Deimos is a very good GBA emulator. It is working well for much has a very good accuracy rate and high speed. There are also many extra features. Deimos is a lowest end GBA emulator. It meets the standard of the GBA emulator that is why this is on the list. But I recommend you can for this GBA emulator or any other emulator that is stated in the list.

Final Words

There are hundreds of GBA emulators in the market. But not all are good to use some because of the security and some does not provide enough features. But you should try the first one before. You can also go for others that have made its place on second or third.

All these GBA emulators are available on Google Play Store. If you think there is another emulator that deserves to be on the list. Please recommend us.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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