What the Best Design Schools in Pune Provide to the Students

Students with an understanding of design may find opportunities to take designing as their career at marketing firms or advertising agencies. You can choose among the best design schools in Pune to pursue a professional course in design.

With the rapid growth of industrialization, and advanced technology, every company is required to put forward their best foot using various tactics. In the growing competitive environment, companies in order to retain the market value are required to make their presence strong and they can do so by various means including creative and engaging brand and product designing, providing quality products and services etc. In the recent past there has been a growing demand for creative designs which are applied to different segments of the industry. If you have interest in drawing and designing, taking up a professional design course will the best option.

Latest curriculum in designing
There are many design schools in India providing design courses that introduce students to the fundamentals of design. If you are looking for a reputed design school, you can opt from some of the best design schools in Pune. These schools provide some courses on architectural trends and history while some courses on drawing, photography or modeling. These design schools provide curriculum covering design as it applies to advertising and marketing, graphics, interiors, products and fashion. Students aspiring to become successful designers can acquire several applicable skills during their studies. They can master the concept of expressing creativity and developing focus, versatility and flexibility throughout the design course.

Earlier, people used to think that it was very difficult to make a career in arts and design. However, with the advent of many art and design schools in India, it is now easier for the aspiring designers to go through different university and college undergraduate art and design programs. These academic programs provide degrees, diplomas and certificates in various areas like the fine arts, sculpture and film, animation as well as different kinds of industrial, graphic, web, fashion, interior and architectural designing. Among the many designs schools some of the best schools in Pune are listed below:

DSK International Campus: This is an International Design Institute located in Pune. It is a state-of-the-art residential institute successfully providing highly industry-centric, professional programs in Product Design, Transportation Design, Animation, Video Game, Fashion, Interior Design and Graphic Design. DSK International Campus is one of the best design schools in Pune offering certification programs in Design for both graduate and undergraduate design students.

MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design: This design schools started its operation in 2006 in Pune. The institute has created milestones in terms of providing skilled professionals various segments of designs including digital media industries, fashion industries and interior industries. It offers Graduate and Post-Graduate Diploma courses in Design.

Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID): Established in the year 2002, Symbiosis Institute of Design is a Private Institute in Pune and is affiliated to Symbiosis International University (SIU), Pune. SID is approved by UGC and accredited by NAAC. Courses offered by the Institute are: B.Des. and M.Des. Admissions to both the courses are held on the basis of Entrance Exams.

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