Benefits of doing certificate course in travel and tourism

Travel and tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Jobs in this industry can be highly interesting and adventurous as well as people get sound pays and perks. Certificate course in travel and tourism is the right option to go.

Well designed certificate course in travel & tourism
The certificate course in travel and tourism management is a career- oriented and comprehensive program which nurtures the skills and knowledge of the students about the tourism industry. Student can join an undergraduate course after completing class 12. This certificate course is designed for those aspirants who are eager to make a head-start in the tourism industry. It covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of technology in this field, practical aspects of travel, fulfilling customer’s aspirations and so on.

Making career in different domains
The course provides an opportunity to the candidate to make a career in the airlines, ticketing, travel agencies, tour operations, cruise lines, hotels, transport, and documentation execution with travel agencies and as a counter executive.

Significant features of the travel and tourism industry

  • Travel and tourism industry is one of the leading earners across the globe and employs a number of people directly or indirectly in the service industries.
  • People working in this industry need to be highly skilled, well groomed, confident and should be able to tackle the clients through their good interpersonal skills. Also, knowledge of the art, history, geography and architecture of India are must for the employees.
  • This industry comprises government tourism departments, multinational companies, and private and small scale travel agents.
  • Personal interaction is an ideal way to understand the needs and aspirations of the customers. With this, the travel agents or employees will be able to provide their best travel services and arrangements

Exciting perks and payments
Successful candidates get pretty good salary in the travel and tourism industry. Besides, employees also get amazing perks like free travel or reduced rates on air tickets for them and their family members. Apart from that, they get other peak seasons bonuses and commissions beside the salary.

Career options for the candidates
Students have numerous career options in the fastest growing travel and tourism industry. Career in this industry will help the aspirants to build strong interpersonal skill, certain flare and a lot of confidence. Students who are willing to make career in this industry should enroll themselves in the certificate course in travel and tourism.

Additional benefits of the course

  • CRS Training (Amadeus) is a global computerized distribution and reservation systems which is used by the airline sales offices and travel agencies globally Besides, other skills required include air fares, ticketing skills, customer service, experience of handling money and foreign currencies etc.
  • Focus is given on the personality development of the candidates and their communication skills are strengthened.
  • One learns to arrange travel using standard industry coding and GDS technology.

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