What are the Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Student

Since the year 2004, Facebook is one of the most prevalent social networking sites. It is because of its diverse features and benefits; it gained popularity and a large number of dynamic users in a very short period of time. Still, it is continually growing. Most of the people are spending long hours on Facebook. It is free and it helps in communicating with peoples all over the world.

Since its inception, it has brought the world very closely. Moreover, because of its growing popularity and a billion of users, it is one of the best platforms for driving traffic to various brands, and therefore many popular brands are using Facebook for their branding purpose. Its popularity doubled when its mobile app was developed since people will not have to depend on desktop and laptop for accessing Facebook. With more than 90% of the population having Smartphone with the pre-installed Facebook app, they can easily gain access to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Users

But as we all know a coin has both sides like that Facebook also has its two sides. It not only benefits people but also has some negative effects as well. So, today in this article we will discuss two points.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

What Are The Advantages Of Facebook? 

In the beginning, when Facebook was introduced it was only used for social networking like making friends, chatting, making various groups etc. but in the present-day scenario, it is not only used for networking but also for business purposes. So, let’s discuss in details about how Facebook benefits people?

Top 4 Major Advantages of Facebook:

Advantages of Facebook

1). Better Communication

Facebook has become a platform that has brought world very closer. Today just by signing in you can connect with your loved ones, know about their various liking and disliking, their wall updates and similarly you can share your feelings with them also. You can share your photos, videos, and anything you like with your friends and family within a matter of seconds. No matter how far you are from your closed ones you can easily connect with them. You can also get information about different sectors of people, their religion, their culture etc. So, what other modes can be used for better communication than this platform?

2). Easily Find Your Relatives

Facebook is now one of the excellent platforms to find your friends with utmost ease. Now you can connect with your old buddies within few seconds, all you need is either their email address or their name. Just connect with them and know about their updates and their whereabouts.

3). Promoting Business

Now coming to the business field, one of the biggest advantages of Facebook is, it is an excellent platform for promoting your brand. With the help of Fb ads and your brand pages, you can easily publicize your business and build a strong relationship with your customers. With billions and billions of Facebook users, you can easily advertise your products to your target customers.

4). News Updates

This is one of the most amazing features of the Facebook. Newsfeed on Facebook helps in giving all recent information. In fan pages, the admin the page publishes all news, post videos, and photos on regular basis, thus engaging their followers. In one word we can say that Facebook is a platform with many features under one single roof.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Facebook?

Although Facebook has helped people in many ways, it has also its own negative effects. Let’s discuss the all the disadvantages that people face because of Facebook.

Top 4 Major Disadvantages of Facebook 

Top 4 Major Disadvantages of Facebook

1). Addiction

With so many features in Facebook that is keeping people busy, it is slowly and slowly becoming an addiction for many peoples. This has led to a new disorder that is Facebook addiction disorder, where people are spending a lot of time on Facebook, that is putting a bad effect on both their personal and professional life. It is putting a negative effect on an academic section of students also.

2). Harassment & Abuse through Fake Profiles

Opening an account in Facebook is very simple. So, many fake ids are being created by people for creating a nuisance and also there are cases of harassing and abusement through fake profiles. There are also numerous cases of bullying, blackmailing and stalking, which is putting a bad impact on many especially teenagers.

3). Sharing Of Personal Data

Most of the people are now using Facebook for sharing their every minute detail on Facebook. Even personal issues like a breakup, emotions everything is being uploaded by people and the main purpose is to seek attention. All this are sometimes putting people in various kinds of problem.

4). Data Privacy Issues

Although Facebook has many privacy features, many people are not using this properly, for which a person’s private data are being leaked to other people for misusing. The Facebook profile picture is also not very secured nowadays. The games like Farmville and other apps, where people are allowing the application to get installed with their profile, are not aware of the fact that they are allowing a third party to use their own private data. This may put them in problems.


As we have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook, we can conclude that how it will benefit us, depends on its usage only. If it is utilized in a proper way then it will benefit you but if it is used in an improper way, it will affect you negatively. All depends on the users, so use it wisely.

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