15 Amazing Apps for B2B Business Owners to Benefit From

79% of the world population uses mobile phones to instantly Google something that they need to find out immediately. It is not a controversial fact that B2B companies have greatly benefitted from mobile marketing by providing mobile apps to their customers. There would hardly be anyone who has never used a mobile app to order something right at their doorstep. The best part is that some of these apps are so amazing that they can even replace an actual human being. Yes, you heard it right; technology has gone to that level! Today we will talk about the top 15 B2B Mobile Apps that have transformed the revenue of businesses and have helped them in achieving great results.

1). Debenhams 

The app is so amazing that it enables its users to scan the barcodes of the products while they are shopping in-store to easily check the details about prices, size, measurements of those sizes, other customers’ reviews on the same product etc.

2). CamCard

Your saviour from the hassles of keeping paper cards. With this amazing app, your B2B business can effectively store all the cards in e-form. You just have to point the camera to the card and the app’s text-recognition system will pull out all the key details and store it in an e-form.

3). Google Analytics

The best tool for any B2B business is having insight into the customer behaviour, conversion patterns, real-time data, acquisition data, audience insights, etc. All these are made possible for them by this amazing app from the tech giant called Google.

4). ASDA

ASDA app has also proved to be groundbreaking as it allows its users to shop as well as pay for their groceries on their smartphones itself. Also if they are standing in the store they can simply add items by using the barcode scanner option. This way you can say bye to the long billing queues and be on your way home sooner and happier. 

5). HootSuite

The app that is a saviour for all the B2B business owners as it takes care of their social media concerns. Feedback, marketing everything is taken care of by this little angel in disguise. The app picks up data from all the social media posting whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter anything.

6). Amazon

As of the last reported survey period Amazon had 310 million Active users. Well, they are a clear proof that easy navigation and user-friendly apps can be a big turnkey factor for your B2B apps.

7). CloudOn

An app that can give a good rest to your laptop and desktops. You can now save all your business files on your cell phone. Be it a spreadsheet, invoices, orders, warehouse receipts anything.

8). LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is by far the most organized way to collect all of the news which is relevant to your particular industry as well as interests. The app gathers not only the important news bites but professional content also. 

9). Salesforce Mobile

In this app everything that you may need in CRM is available with the mobile version of this wonderful CRM, allowing you or for that matter any B2B owner on the go to ensure that your business is not losing its Customer Relationship Management.

10). Evernote

An app that basically works like your personal assistant. You have anything on your mind and want to come back to it later for a detailed brainstorming, just write it down there. The app also syncs all your devices so that you have access to your list of all the devices.

11). Momentum

An app that can indicate to you your main priority tasks as it is a chrome extension app. Managing a B2B business can be very difficult but you can overcome this difficulty easily by using Momentum that can track your risk areas and alert you accordingly by picking up insights from your Google activities.

12). Google Drive

You cannot thank Google enough for this wonderful app. Cloud storage for your media files of any type. No hassles of maintaining huge hardware infrastructure. Just store everything in drive and access it anywhere any time.

13). DocuSign

Another amazing app that helps you in transitioning towards the digital age. This handy app can help you to apply your signature digitally to any of your contracts, invoices, and any other documents with the help of your Smartphone.

14). Voice Text

Being in the role of managing a BRB enterprise can be very tasking and time-consuming. There must be so much of typing work that you may need to do. You can expedite all the typing work with this amazing app called Voice Text that can turn your speech commands to text commands.

15). DropBox 

Make your content management easy with this app. Upload your files to this app and everyone can see it at the same time. This app makes sure that data and content across all your devices are in sync and available to you on the go.

I am quite sure that this post would have acted like an eye opener for you. There are so many things that you can easily get done with the help of a few twiddles of your thumbs. You just need the right app for the right work.

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