What are the Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Student

Since the year 2004, Facebook is one of the most prevalent social networking sites. It is because of its diverse features and benefits; it gained popularity and a large number of dynamic users in a very short period of time. Still, it is continually growing. Most of the people are spending long hours on Facebook.

Why to Consider Institutes in Pune for Management Courses

A city is known for its different aspects like people, culture, tradition etc. Some cities are known for their monuments, some are known by their economic vitality and some by their culture. However, it is not quite often that a city like Pune is celebrated for offering a ‘student-friendly’ atmosphere. It provides an amiable, secure

Which are 6 best pharmacy institutes in Maharashtra

If you wish to make a career in science, healthcare, and technology, then pharmacy is the best career option that awaits you. This field is very exciting, dynamic and versatile in nature. Generally, people think that pharmacists can work in dispensaries, chemist shops or at the medical stores. But, this is not so true. This

Top 7 B. Arch Colleges in Maharashtra That Are Favorite of Aspirants

If you are aspiring to study architecture in Pune, the first and most important thing is to target the best B. Arch colleges Pune. It is important to choose colleges which are approved by the appropriate regulatory body. Earning a B. Arch degree from the right college can help you to get your dream job

SEO Professional skill – Job Description & Responsibilities

SEO Professional skill – Job Description and Responsibilities are the main subjects of this article. On reading this article you will get to know about the Role of an SEO in ranking the website or increasing the rank of the website on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You will also get to

Social Media Marketer Skill – Job Description, Role and Responsibilities

Do you think that your online presence is enough to take your business on to a next level? Or do you need to put extra efforts? If you are social media manager, then only your “online presence” will not work, there are lots of things you need to take care of. Social media platforms are

Save your Valuable Time by Hiring the Best SEO Company in Delhi

SEO or search engine optimization is something every entrepreneur or online business owner needs. Many online personalities use SEO to be found so that they can become popular with people across the globe. If you are a business owner and friends are suggesting you start an SEO plan, they are really your well-wishers. It is

15 Amazing Apps for B2B Business Owners to Benefit From

79% of the world population uses mobile phones to instantly Google something that they need to find out immediately. It is not a controversial fact that B2B companies have greatly benefitted from mobile marketing by providing mobile apps to their customers. There would hardly be anyone who has never used a mobile app to order

How to Get Free Twitter Followers without Following Back

It is not hidden that everyone is searching for the ways to grow their Twitter by creating great content and sending amazing tweets. But you already know that this will not actually grow your twitter, although it will make your feed a nice place to hang out. We must say that you might feel difficulty

Best Gameboy Emulator for Android

It is an amazing handheld console. There are plenty of many video games to use. You will find some amazing games to play of different genre. We all want a good Gameboy emulator for androids. After testing a couple of Game Advance Emulator for android I was able to make a decision about the best